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We offer a variety of services, but this is what we specialize in. We strive to  do 100 percent of any job ourselves, which works to the benefit of everyone. If you have any questions at all please submit a form on the contact page or contact us directly via phone or email. Text messages are also welcome if that makes you more comfortable.

Whether you'd like to update your trim, add new trim work, build custom shelves or cabinets, we can work with whatever idea you may have in mind.


Most people would like to remodel their entire home given the opportunity. Whatever room or space you would like renewed, we can make it happen. We do tile work and can do complete bath remodels, we do kitchens, basements, and additions as well. Or maybe you'd like to open up or split up a space, whatever it is, we can bring that vision to life. 


Maintaining property can be a hard thing. You might need to hire a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, etc. We have years of property maintenance experience and can personally handle nearly any problem that could arise. If you are interested in having work done on your rental property, or own multiple rental properties and would like to have a reliable person to call in times of need, please contact us and we are happy to give estimates.

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